As a fourth generation tailor of custom tailored shirts, we have mastered all the intricate details and specific traits of an excellent fitting shirt. We blend impeccable hand craftsmanship with modern technology to bring you quality that is expected from expert tailors.


With our state of the art pattern making, we successfully produce custom tailored shirts with the perfect fit for any gentleman. Our workshops are trained to pattern match the most complex patterns; establishing bold designs that showcase your style. We use specific trade-secret techniques and high-quality materials to ensure you receive the best shirt you’ve ever owned.

Single Needle Stitching

Our custom dress shirts have single needle stitching that places over 22 stitches per inch to give your shirt a cleaner and more durable seam.

Collar & Cuff Swiss Interlinings
We hand-turn our shirt collars and cuffs using Swiss interlinings to provide a strong, crisp shape and natural comfort to these critical areas not achievable by machine.
Mother of Pearl Buttons
We use 3mm Mother of Pearl buttons on all our collection of shirts to enhance their appeal and distinguish them from the rest, complimentary. No upgrade required.
Intelligent Size Profiler
We were the first custom clothier to sell custom tailored shirts online. With website development and new innovative online measuring tools – such as the Intelligent Size Profiler developed using an algorithmic data process derived from thousands of customer fittings by our master tailors - customers continue to enjoy the convenient process of creating custom clothing right at their fingertips.
Get started by answering a few questions about your height, weight, and jeans waist to create the perfect custom shirt size. Machine Learning algorithms using data from thousands of our bespoke customers are used to get an exact fit without any measuring tape.
The collar

Collars are an important detail to a custom tailored dress shirt. A perfect fitting collar also attributes to comfort – a man’s “best friend” on those long business trips or during social engagements. There’s nothing more distracting than watching a guy tug on his collar; especially during important business meetings and events.

The shape of the collar can also complement physical attributes, framing the neck and enhancing the overall fit of the shirt. To achieve this balance between comfort and shape, we hand-turn our collars and always include Divij Bespoke Brass Collar Stays with each of our shirts.

FuSed and non-fuSed Collars

All of our collars are constructed with organic cotton Swiss interlinings that keep the fold comfortable and attractive. Most of our shirt collars are fused, meaning they are sealed to remain stiff and easily keep their shape. Upon request, we also have the capability to create non-fused collars that provide the most natural feel and longevity. These non-fused collars keep their shape and have better cleaning capabilities for ring-around-the-collar. No matter what, our collars give your neck the rest it needs from long days at the office to lively nights out on the town.

The Finest Cloths

We source cloths from only the finest mills in Italy, Switzerland, and England with thousands of choices to choose. There is a vast array of the softest Giza cotton blends with medium to very high thread count with gorgeous textures and interesting weaves.

An appreciation for shirting fabric of the highest attributes is rooted deep within our company. Founder, Joe Divij Bespoke, started his career in a shirting mill and has made sure to carry his past experience into today’s production. We care about the integrity of our fabric down to the last thread,which is why we know we can make you the best shirt of your life.

Our popular, and most affordable everyday business shirts, are made of easy care Egyptian cottons with a thread count ranging from 60-100 with several color and style options to choose from. We also offer a vast collection of Egyptian cotton fabrics of 120 thread count in a handsome array of colors, weaves, and prints.

For those gentlemen who want to make a special statement in their business attire, we have gorgeous fabrics that are created in high-end mills including Alumo of Switzerland, Soktas in Turkey, and Somelos in Portugal. In Italy alone, we source from Thomas Mason, Albini, Canclini, David and John Anderson, and Tessitura Monti. Wearing custom shirts made of these fine cloths will make you feel like an exquisitely dressed, well-traveled businessman.

The relationships we have with all these mills dates back decades, and we constantly update our inventory with their newest and most innovative cloths available.

Make It Yours

Offering personal choices down to the finest detail is a Divij Bespoke specialty.
Our craftsmen understand that quality and attention to detail is top priority when it comes to custom tailored dress shirts, and with the additional option of customizing your collar, cuffs, and adding signature monogramming, it truly becomes custom designed by you.

Collar Style

All our collars are delicately hand-turned and treated with care. After choosing between a fused and non-fused collar, you can browse our collar selection to find the style and shape that fits you best.

Cuff Style

It’s all in the details.
With all our cuffs made from Swiss interlinings, providing strength as well as comfort, you can feel confident in any one of the many styles to choose from.


Custom monogramming is another complimentary option we offer. Our monograms are high-quality from thread to script, with eight thread colors, and 5 unique fonts of either an elegant cursive nature, or modern block lettering to choose from.

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