A man with a well-made suit
is a man with respect

Our suits are hand-crafted with a natural confidence, designed from a personal silhouette, and cut with a dash of sexiness.

The Construction

We make sure every one of our suits is built to outfit a man with all the right features. The intricate construction of the silhouette allows the suit to be slimming but extremely comfortable. That initial structure is enhanced by well-placed pockets inside and out, full canvas framing, light shoulder padding made from German horsehair, and hand-picked stitched edging on the lapel and pockets. With all of these sartorial details, you’ll be one heck of an elegant man.

The Silhouette
Meets The Fit

A suit needs to capture a man in his best light- tall, slim, and suave. To create this ideal image, our silhouettes are designed with a careful eye to find that blissful balance between comfort and craftsmanship for each body.

With decades of suit making under our belt, we have established the finest method of finding the perfect fit. The construction of our suits include intricate measurements blended with thoughtful details to give shape and purpose to each stitch. No other look will suit you better.

The Canvas

Constructed from Italian Cotton and German Horsehair, our light-weight, full canvas molds to your figure and frames it to show off your best body assets.

Shoulder Selections

Keeping with the trend of creating a suit just for you, we offer three different shoulder styles (rope shoulder not pictured).

The Classic Shoulder

The name says it all. This shoulder style is belongs to every generation, providing a timeless shoulder shape that looks good on everyone.

The Natural Shoulder

Forming to the natural curve of your shoulder, this style creates a slimmer silhouette. We both know you’re already one fit chap, but there’s no harm in wearing a suit that highlights your attractive build.

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