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Blue Flower

Carlo Riva
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Carlo Riva-the legendary shirt fabric brand, produced in Italy. It still uses traditional ancient machines large shuttle looms (some dating back to year 1910) with little bit of modernization. After being made, they must be stored in the room at a constant temperature for more than one year. Carlo Riva fabrics are the cream of the crop, everyone whos worn a Carlo Riva shirt says its the best fabric in the world, hands down. It is widely accepted amongst menswear mavens, that Carlo Riva is like the Patek Philippe, the Bugatti Veyron, or a good bottle of DRC Grand Cru in its field; Elegant, expensive and oh so elusive. Carlo Riva fabric is somewhat of an indulgence, its the softest and most luxurious fabric youll ever have the pleasure to feel. It is expensive. It is exclusive. But it is quite simply, the best of the best. So, if youre a gentleman who is a connoisseur of the finest mens shirting, treat yourself to a Carlo Riva.


Tessitura Serica

Fabric Composition

58% Linen, 42% Cotton







Thread Count



0 g/m2

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