• Light Grey Stripes on Charcoal by Harrisons of Edinburgh Product Image
  • Light Grey Stripes on Charcoal by Harrisons of Edinburgh Product Image
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Suits / Fall Winter Collection
Harrisons of Edinburgh
Light Grey Stripes On Charcoal

Light Grey Stripes on Charcoal

Harrisons of Edinburgh
SKU: 101206
Charcoal, Light Grey
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Hold Harrisons cloth in your hand and you can almost feel it pulse. This luxury British cloth came roaring into life nearly two centuries ago and its been evolving ever since. New colours and designs are constantly emerging alongside classic favourites. This makes it the cloth of choice for fashion devotees across the world.

Harrisons cloth began as one of the many passions of George Harrison, a man who lived life with panache. He started his career as a tailors apprentice in the early 1800s. He rose to become a cloth merchant, hat-maker, fashion icon, Lord Provost of Edinburgh and president of Scotlands oldest chess club. He even squeezed in being an MP for five days before he died.

His legacy lives on, not only in Edinburghs Harrison Arch but in stunning suits around the world. Georges spirit of progress and optimism is woven into every bunch of Harrisons luxurious cloth. Robust and versatile, the cloth makes a stylish statement in any setting. As the boundaries blend between work and leisure, suits of Harrisons cloth can be tailored to fit your work and play, travel and rest.


Harrisons Fine Classics




Charcoal, Light Grey


370 g/m2

Fabric Composition

100% Wool



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